Quantity over quality?


A very expensive dress that will last a long time but only be used in a photo once, or five much more inexpensive dresses that will create five different outfits to post.

That is the modern-day conundrum.

As I caught sight of an article addressing Kate Middleton wearing the same gown on two separate occasions, I pondered in consternation at the sheer ludicrousness of it all. Yes, she is a princess and her style is on the grand stage of the world; her closet is filled with valuable pieces. So valuable, that it would almost be a crime if she only ever wore everything once.

Fashion bloggers and Instagrammers nonetheless, have fed into the pressure of not wanting to be caught wearing something that is already captured on camera. Because, heaven forbid, you will appear ‘poor’ and unable to afford to purchase clothes that are new. I understand that as an ‘influencer’ or wannabe, there is a need to constantly create exciting and eye-grabbing images for your readers. If you wear the same jeans in every photo, you are not giving people new outfits to dream about.

But this thought has tripled onto the millennial minds. Whenever I am going to be photographed on a night out, I feel that I cannot choose a dress that I wore months back. If I do recopy, it has to be after numerous times having occurred. Meaning, it would take a somewhat ‘stalker’ to realise that I am a repeat offender.


The reality is, unless you are receiving clothes to wear (various people online are), it is normal to put on your favourite top, jacket, dress, skirt, jeans etc, frequently and possibly be photographed in them – frequently. I suppose this is normal as washing machines are arguably a household ingredient.

Supposedly, you may have all the riches and can easily buy the house of Chanel and Dolce – a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo’s for dog-walking, and if that is you – fantastic. Watching MTV cribs rather, not even certain millionaires contain walk-in-wardrobes with 365 pairs of heels and flats.

I believe the fashion-police burden needs to decrease. Admittedly, I have bought from less pricier brands (not stating there is anything wrong with that) purely to stock up and show my followers that I can upload daily and wear attire that is unfamiliar to their eyes. This goes against my wardrobe beliefs.

I have always tried to mimic my mum in buying what I love and if needed, saving up to invest in quality. Every year, I like treat myself to good winter boots, a winter coat and some seasonal trends. I still keep the year before clothing – provided that they are in good condition. I generally find that the ‘usual’ priced items, stick around longer than the – can it be really be only that much one’s?

Quality will alter for each individual. The term could classify high-street stores, designer or anywhere in between such as Ted Baker and French Connect. The imperative point to remember is that style trumps money. Looking well put-together is not necessarily for the wealthy. It is a creative playing field.

One of my favourite jackets from Primark has a very luxurious feel. It is heavily complimented and routinely forms open-mouths on friends when I tell them where it is from. Coincidentally, my actual luxurious jacket, rarely receives much more than a “nice jacket” review.

To conclude, collecting clothes does not prove anything other than that you like to shop – which there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Trying to impress others with your diverse range is an incredibly demanding need. To be stylish is to be unique and as long as you have an individual, classic signature style, people will pay less attention to your quantity – you simply cannot beat quality.

Do you agree? How much pressure do you feel to not be seen wearing the same thing twice?

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35 thoughts on “Quantity over quality?

  1. I’ve never really thought to much on this…. I’m quite bad with keeping up with trends etc. I have my go to look/style and it suits me well. It also means I don’t have to think to much when adding pieces etc. Good winter boots and a good coat is a must for me! And I try and always pick one of these up in the Jan sales for the following year! I follow quite a few thrifters at the moment and have been liking some of there posts on it so i might look into that soon as there is a ridiculous amount of 2nd hand shops in my area!!
    I just love your posts little lady!! They really do kick my brain into action and they get me thinking 🙂
    Love it

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    • When it comes to trends, I am either ‘lucky’ and what I like just happens to be popular, or I give them a miss.
      I think having your own style and sticking to that is perfect!
      I see a lot of thrifters as well and I honestly had never considered it until seeing their blog posts. I had a friend a few years back who only bought from charity shops. Her style was so complimented and her entire outfit could be as little as £10 – maybe less.
      I am really glad that get you thinking – and in a good way! I have always said that you are one of my favourite bloggers.

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      • Me to!! Its the last thing I would have considered! Finding these bloggers has been my favourite part of blogging! It’s completely opened my eyes.
        During the week I went into one and came out with 4 belts!!! for £4!!!! I mean come on!!! How awesome was that?!?!?!? Now i’m making a conscious effort to ramble in!
        Awwww thanks babes!! Snap!! I’m blushing here… Its so nice to know one of my favs also counts me as her fav! Thats made my day sugar xxxx LOVE xxxx

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    • I have wasted clothes doing this! My mum used to always get annoyed because I would tell her that I am looking for a new outfit for my birthday and she would say – well, you have all these dresses that you have only worn once!
      Worse still, I can my favourite clothes that I love wearing all the time and then a bunch of one’s that just managed to make it into a photo lol. x

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  2. Awesome post 🙂 I’m glad somebody finally put this in to words! I totally agree–it can be intimidating trying to keep up with all the trends and ever-changing wardrobes you see all up and down your blog feed and Instagram feed 😦 I wish I had more variety in my wardrobe, and more things that fit my style; online shopping has made it easier to see more variety available and make you want to add more. This can be a good thing and a bad thing lol xx


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    • As I always feel that I never have enough clothes but then I tend to stick to specific one’s. I have clothes in my wardrobe that I possibly cannot remember the last time that I wore, whilst complaining that people have seen certain items too many times lol.
      It is a struggle! It is good to remember and know though that many people think the same way. We should not have to be intimidated because style is not about the measure or amount of your clothing items. xx

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  3. Such a great post, this is honestly so me! I feel so ashamed of wearing the same clothes day in and day out in case someone brands me as ‘poor’, but I’ve decided to do what’s best for me now 🙂 I know I’ve said this before, but you definitely shouldn’t worry about other people’s opinions, do what makes you feel good chick 😀 xx

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    • Thank you girl! Yes, you have definitely said that to me before and it is true – I should not worry about other people’s opinions!
      At the end of the day, clothes are just clothe. As much as I love them, they are not suppose to be worn only once. I think many people online wear the same things but they only take one photo of them. It is unrealistic to have 375 tops, trousers, dresses etc. The only exception is an actual star who will be photographed and discussed daily.
      Do not worry about your clothes and as you say to me – don’t worry about other people’s opinions. 🙂 xx

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      • You’re very welcome gorgeous! And exactly 😊 social media allows people to pick the best parts of themselves to put online, so naturally people will pick new outfits everytime 🙂 but you’re so right! At least we both understand the reality of things! Xx

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  4. Oh man, this is a great post. I don’t have a ton of clothes but I like to think I’m pretty good at mix and matching, but I have worried about what I’m going to do once I’ve worn every outfit I can concoct with what I have. 😅

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    • Haha! Your comment made me laugh because it is what I have thought about. I have worn a couple of the same tops and jeans etc on social-media, but then I do not wear everything in my wardrobe. I think just keep mixing and matching. If the outfit is good and it works – you’re fine! I never notice someone’s page enough to even pick out what has been repeated. I think the worry lies more within us and not with others.


      • Good idea. And if we post quality content in addition to outfits, hopefully we will inspire our readers and that’s what makes them stick around. Odds are we will acquire a piece here and there and never run out of combinations. Also we’d likely change our hair up too, changing the whole look 😂

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        • Haha now if you change your hair, it is SO a different look. I mean – white shirt and jeans is something else when you add a red lip. When we run out of mixing and matching clothes, we will resort to makeup and accessories!
          Content is what’s important. If you can bring something different and make an outfit or item of clothing continually look good, that will prove your style. We are too stylish to keep buying new clothes lol. x


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