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5 Fitness influencers: What motivates them

Motivation can come and go like rain in the UK – or perhaps sun, depending on how much motivation your mind contains. Trying to find the mental strength to wake up everyday and go about your day with the same determination, is one of the most crucial and yet difficult obstacles to overcome.

Interviewing a range of fitness fanatics who differ in age, gender and what workouts they endure; I have gone to some of the most motivational influencers on Instagram to receive the best advice, to inspire anyone with their progress.


Instagram: @eloybafik

Eloy is a practitioner of street workouts and calisthenics exercises. He is 37 years old and works out every single day. He has 7.9k followers. Follow him for his incredible poses against the most amazing backdrops.

“What motivates me most, is the self-challenge of training my body to do hard exercises that require a lot of strength and balance. I like to see my body set; it makes me feel good about myself. I’ve always been a sports practitioner – volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, martial arts – karate, capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) and Sanda (Chinese boxing/kickboxing).

Very early, I got involved with drugs and gangs – leaving everything aside. I want to be an example of life for people. There’s always time for changes in our lives. The secret is, to never give up and believe that anything is possible”.


Instagram: @sweet_fitness_nutrition

Claire is a mother and health and fitness instructor, with a following of 21k. She was previously in the armed forces. Her photos are full of inspiration including her delicious food images.

“I have a gluten and wheat intolerance which causes all kinds of havoc with my body. I try to be proactive by balancing a healthy diet along with exercise, so my body feels at it’s best most of the time. Working out for me, is my time out from the daily rat race. No matter what my mood is when I start, I always feel on top of the world.

Over the last 18 months, my body has changed so much and given me such a confidence boost (especially as my 40th is just around the corner). I now feel that I can go out there and achieve anything I want to in life”.


Instagram: @flo30981

Flo has been featured on my blog before with one-on-one interviews. Click here to read his most recent – he discusses how to get abs! While his day job consists of working in I.T, he routinely works out at the gym. His following is 11.9k.

“The best motivation, is to think of the times that I didn’t work out. I would be walking and become tired so fast and had problems when I did physical work. I didn’t have the power for it. When I played soccer and it was the break, I would be finished.

The best motivational tip, is at the first of every month – take a photo. If you have no motivation, you see no evolution. That makes you want to do something”.


Instagram: @alis0n.12

Alison is a weights and yoga enthusiast. She has 1.2k followers, with an average of nearly 500 likes per photo. She regularly posts positive captions alongside her enviable workout wardrobe.

“Motivation is the key to success in any journey. I keep myself motivated by appreciating every little progress I make, such as eating healthy and setting up goals. The thing that keeps me going when I lose motivation, is reflecting on the progress I made along my fitness journey.

My best fitness tip is to eat healthy, workout regularly and be proud of your progress – whether it’s increasing 1 step in running, 1 rep in lifting or having one healthy meal. Everything else will come along if you keep going. Fitness is an enjoyable journey because it shows that you are loving yourself to the maximum. Just keep going!”


Instagram: @neetafitness

Neeta is a yoga and pilates instructor who has contributed on Lauzieslifestyle. Click here for our joint interview. She is a qualified personal trainer and has a following of 3.6k on Instagram, in addition to being on twitter and Facebook. Recently, she created a blog which you can follow here.

“What always motivates me is feeling energised after any type of exercise, whether it be yoga, weights, pilates or a simple stroll in the park.

Some of the benefits are physical; feeling more toned, being more flexible; as well as the mental benefits of clearing my mind and constantly improving my positive mindset. It’s hard work, yet extremely rewarding”.

What are your best motivational tips? Be sure to follow these influencers for all-round inspiration.


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16 thoughts on “5 Fitness influencers: What motivates them

  1. A very inspiring post! I love how you include fitness enthusiasts with different backgrounds and types of exercises they enjoy. That’s the beauty of fitness. It is very versatile. Choose what you love and enjoy the process. Any type of exercise will make one physically and mentally happy, healthy and strong. Love your post Laura! Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! It was really important for me to show variety because sometimes I think people think ‘fitness people’ are all the same or look the same.
      I completely agree! Exercise can make people physically and mentally happy – no matter what form they choose.


    • Thank you Helene! I loved getting others involved on my blog with fitness, because there is only so much knowledge and advice that I can give. Seeing a variety of people who all differ in their fitness regimes and lifestyles, really is inspiring like you said. x

      Liked by 1 person

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