How to celebrate your birthday


Forget Christmas, Valentines and New Years; birthdays are one of the most stressful events in the calendar. In the world of social-sharing, there is immense pressure to promote your day, as an almost evaluation of your life.

Just like New Year’s, when you finally settle on an idea, you come across someone flying abroad, hiring a hall or celebrating a week’s worth of entertainment, from fancy dinners, group clubbing and luxury spa weekends.

With my birthday tomorrow, I have been asked numerous times, what will I be doing. As a child, this was far easier to select. I was lucky enough growing up, to have a large garden which contained a trampoline, built-in swings, a make-shift swimming pool and a tennis net which I also used for badminton. This meant garden parties followed by a sleepover. Other years involved swimming, bouncy castles, pizza hut and bowling.

From the sounds of it, I had enjoyable age anniversaries. The reality however, was far bleaker. Most of my friends were away on holiday so it was a struggle to find a group of people. There were two years that hardly anyone could show and I remember feeling sorry for myself. In my teenage years, I did not have many close friends and sometimes just ended up shopping with my family. Because of my insecurities, I hated trying on clothes and usually walked away with disappointment and sadness.

Overall, it has been a mix of incredible memories and one’s that I would rather forget. By the time I reached 20, I was determined to have a party that I would fondly remember.

I became friends with a Mayfair club promoter and spent my early twenties, attending luxurious nightclubs – including the Playboy – and received free drinks, free cake and occasionally free dinner. Maybe it was the ‘freeness’ of it all, that made people actually want to attend. Not to mention that the places were exclusive and associated as ‘wealthy’.

By being photographed in amazing locations, it was my way of fighting back against the people who had belittled me or were mean to me throughout high-school and college. It was a status mark to say – look at me – my birthday proves how much I have changed.

Whilst those years were fun – I would definitely do it again, the moments did infuse reality. It is astonishing how a person can magically shift their schedule once you inform them that the cost is complimentary. If there was a price (not stating that people should spend a fortune for someone’s birthday), even if it was inexpensive, people are known to let you down. I shared a bonding moment with my sister the other day, when she declared that she hated arranging her birthday, as this has happened to her before.


Never have I had a set group of friends who got together and planned something. So going back to my original statement: How to celebrate your birthday, this is what you do.

You take away every conceivable drop of pressure. Do not tell yourself that because it is 21st, 18th, 30th, 50th – that you need to spend a fortune on partying. My ex-boyfriend last year took me to the W hotel where he splashed hundreds on drinks in a bid to impress me and in honesty; I would have rather just had fun in a more relaxed environment.

My 20th was far superior to my 21st and it was really does not matter to me. Society will dictate that certain years are somehow more celebratory but in the end, we are all at different stages in our lives at different times and the game of life is to have as fun as much as possible – not to be defined by your birthday.

Whatever you establish, whether you want to go on holiday or stay in with a takeaway, do it because it is purely your choice. Just focus on what will make you happy and not on trying to compete or feeling that you are missing out if you do not plan extravagance. Maybe one year I would love to go to Hawaii and I am sure that on another year in the future, I will be found at a tapas restaurant. If you are wondering, this year I will be going to a local nightclub with my best friend – I will be guaranteed fun and possibly lunch with my sister. After all, it is about the company more than anything else.

What is your ideal birthday? How much pressure do you feel to celebrate?

On a side-note, I have been featured this week on the lovely and beautiful Lee’s blog: Golden Pink Journal.   You can read my interview here and my article I wrote on fame here.

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29 thoughts on “How to celebrate your birthday

  1. Happy B Day in advance. I usually don’t really have big parties, I much prefer to have chilled time with my friends. So I would usually go for dinner or to have drinks somewhere nice. When I was in my teenage years I used to party on my B day, but now I’m just pass that. xx

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  2. Happy Birthday in advance Laura. I’m not a big celebrant either. For me, it’s the little things that matter. As long as I have a huge birthday cake and get overwhelmed with so many calls, surprises and messages, I’m okay.

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  3. Early birthday wishes for you girl! I have never had big birthday party so I kinda really want to experience that but I always just end up going out to eat with my friends on my birthday, i’m just that boring haha 😂 xx

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    • Haha dinner can be fun! I have never had a huge group either. I think the most has been usually around 5 or 6. Sometimes it is better to have less because more people means more fuss. Everyone starts to like different things and the group can get seperated.
      This year (maybe next) you can jazz up dinner and eat somewhere unique. Or just go wild lol. xx


  4. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and an even better year! I typically don’t do much in the way of celebrating but I did get a small group together for dinner and karaoke this year since I turned the big 3-0! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

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    • Thank you Brittney! I did have a great day. I think karaoke is terrific fun and with dinner, I would happily enjoy that for my birthday! I also think small groups are better. When there is a lot of people, I find people can separate and everyone starts to want different things.

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  6. Happy Birthday!💕💕You share the same birthday with my aunt I grew up with☺️ your day sounds amazing, I hope it feels amazing. I haven’t done much for my birthday the past 2 years but next year I’ll change that. I remember having a hotel party on my birthday one year in middle school, I felt so cool lmao that was one of my favorites. The rest were okay, a mess, or nothing happened so I can’t remember🤷🏽‍♀️😂

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    • Thank you!! A hotel party sounds amazing! I had a good day but it was not as good as it sounded! There was a moment in between going out for lunch and dinner where I thought…hmmm I guess I should watch T.V???
      That is cool that I share the same birthday as your aunt. I like being a leo 🙂 I am trying to teach myself to just enjoy life in general. This year’s birthday was not as good as previous years, but I took the pressure and stress away worrying, so it was a pretty chilled day. Hopefully next year, both of us can do something different. x

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