The beauty trend I go against


Ask anyone what their biggest beauty mistake was, and 9 times out of 10, the response will be over plucking their eyebrows. Who has not picked up a pair of tweezers and gone to town with removal?

I certainly shudder when I glance back at old photographs. In society today, I am extremely lucky. My brows grow back at the same rate as my dog’s fur (rapidly fast) which is why they seem to monthly edit shape, size and length. Naturally, I was born with a Cara Delavigne look and begged my mother to please let me remove them.

After persuasion (pleading and informing her that horrible brows and spots were not nice and at least my eyebrows I could fix) she finally agreed. She tweezed them for me and where my hair used to be, a white patch mark took over. Everyone in school asked me what happened. I believe I was the first to trim them in my year (aged 11) and I was unaware of concealer back then – I blame my mother – I mean, she did pluck them.

As the years went on, I went to the professionals for waxing and threading. I became obsessed with having a really defined, perfect angle. When the thin trend shifted and suddenly bold and big were in, I swore to hide my tweezers and to never pluck again.

Now, considering I have such bold and full brows, I should have been rejoicing. I should have purchasing brow gel and enhancing them even further. I think at some points I did. But I did not like the effect. I secretly wanted to strip my hairs away and buy a new pair of Tweezerman. This felt comparable to a sin however. Everybody complimented them. Working in the beauty industry, not getting on board with this would be equivalent to declaring that I hate mascara.

Over the years, I have had a love-hate relationship. When I watch an Audrey Hepburn film, I curse the day I thought I could do my own brows. I patiently wait for them to return and take a selfie.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This week, I picked up my tweezers again and made them thin – or much thinner. Somehow, this is an issue enough to write an article. Because beauty trends can make people feel inadequate. It can make a person who went their whole life without even so much as a thought, rush frantically for help. It can make a group of people, become carbon copy.

I am not suggesting that I do not like a full brow or that I will not have one again. I think they are beautiful and on some, I could not picture them without. But beauty is not one way or the other. Personally, I prefer mine to be on the thinner side as this works with my features. We should be able to question what looks we want to adopt and what one’s we would rather ignore. After all, style is who you are.

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What beauty trends do you follow and which one’s do you ignore? 


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30 thoughts on “The beauty trend I go against

  1. I think that brows change the look completely, so it is fun to play with them. I used to wear mine super thin years ago and plug them too much, it didn’t look good on me. Now I just let them be, I just neat them a little bit and thank God I don’t need to use brow products, only a bit of gel. Love your new look, they really suit you. xx

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  2. I’ve always had fuller brows just like you said you do! I mainly used to clean them. I don’t really have the patience or the time to maintain the thin look, and so I’ve always kept them on the fuller side! I’m actually quite pleased that this is a look now, but I completely get what you are saying. It’s not good for fashion trends to make you feel self conscious because you are doing outside of the trend. Do you girl! xxx

    Melina |

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    • It is a lot of patience and you have to be so careful because one pluck can be enough to make them too thin. I used to always get them threaded but depending on who you go to, they can either look great or unflattering.
      It is nice that the fuller brow is a look because not everyone suits the same thing. I think I became caught up in trying to follow the trend that I did not even stop to think if I preferred it. xx

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  3. When I was younger I over plucked my brows so much to the point where they were non existent, when my Mum saw them she cried. My brows are naturally jet black so I always thought they made me look manly even though they didn’t, they were perfectly shaped but because the trend at the time was super thin eyebrows and everyone was plucking theirs, I did the same. Over the past few years I’ve let them grow back and now I don’t touch them at all unless I’m re-shaping them, I love thick and bold eyebrows now and really love mine!

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  4. I didn’t start plucking my eyebrows until relatively late compared to most (16-17 years old) but even then, I didn’t make it habit until 19 years old. I have of course, over plucked my eyebrows before but thankfully, my hairs (and a whole load of stray hairs) grow back in two weeks.

    Nowadays, I just pluck/get them threaded to my natural shape and that’s that. When I fill them, I just follow the shape. I don’t try to make them big or ‘on fleek’. You are absolutely right though about many being carbon copies because of some trend.

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    • I don’t try to make mine look big or ‘on fleek’ either. My biggest concern is trying to make them even so sometimes I have to fill slightly over. I might go back to threading but I got put off after the place I went to, one woman make them look awful in my opinion!

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      • I have heard some traumatic threading experiences! Luckily, I haven’t had to go through that (touch wood). I tend to go to Superdrug to get mine done. A different lady every other time but I come away looking the way I want. Because I’ve gotten comfortable there, I’m scared to try others elsewhere so I just stick to it.

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        • Yeah I think that is the best thing. Once you are comfortable, it is best to stay. It is so frustrating when someone threads them wrong! I have been to just about every department store and place and they have all been quite mixed – either really good or quite bad.


  5. I’m such a wuss with tweezers! I just can’t do it! I can’t thread either. Ewww the feeling of that sends thrills down my spine!! I’m a wax girl for the eye brows all day long!
    The tattoo eyebrow recently taking off is one I’ll be avoiding like the plague. Trends change so often that doing something so permanent needs to be thought about long and hard… In my opinion… xx

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    • Yeah I agree. I would never get my eyebrows tattooed. I have seen so many cases where it has not gone right and looks too severe.
      I have only ever waxed mine 3 times. At the minute I just do plucking but I go back to threading. xx

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      • Oh goodness…. I haven’t seen one go wrong, that would be horrific!!! Is it completely permanent? Can it be fixed?
        I’m to much of a wuss for tweezers. I find that hurts me so much more. Wax is a 2 minute job, in and out… done! xx

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        • Threading is just another form of hair removal like waxing, so it does grow back but it does take a minute. When threading is done well though, it is amazing!
          Tweezers only hurt for a second and then it is fine. And you just have to lift your skin when you do it if that makes sense. xx

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        • I’ve had it twice now but both times I hated it! After the 1st one i was like maybe I’m being a baby… the 2nd… never again!! Im also scared to learn the tweezer, id be at it all night no doubt and look hysterical!! Im sticking to my waxing! It’s never failed me 🙂 xxx

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  6. The eyebrows is what people notice first when they look at your face so I’m always plucking them to make them even. I try as much to make them on fleek on days I’m wearing makeup. I don’t thread though, I tweeze them myself.

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    • I currently tweeze mine myself as well. I think after a decade of messing them up, I have finally figured out how to do them. I am always trying to make mine even – I think one is naturally a different shape. That is my excuse anyway!

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  7. I have never really plucked my eyebrows, thank god haha. When I was younger I was afraid of plucking too much so I just let them be. Now when I look back to the pictures from that time I do wish I would have done something for them (for example added little color), they looked quite horrible and invisible 😂 xx

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    • You made such a good decision though on not plucking. As a teenager, I had no idea what I was doing. I would just pluck any hair that would slightly stick out haha. At one point I removed the inner section of my eyebrow hairs as they stood up different to the other one’s – if that makes sense! xx


  8. Lookin lovely in that pic! Yeah, my hair grows so fast as well just so annoying! Threading really works for me and a thinner shape really suits my face as well. Threading is something I have to get done within a few months and def makes the appearance look much better 🙂

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    • I am glad that I am not the only one who prefers a thinner shape! Maybe if I left my natural eyebrows alone, I might prefer them but that ship sailed a decade ago haha!
      I like threading. I took a break from it because I had some bad experiences but I might them threaded again soon.

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