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Instagram poetry

Paris at night.

I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. It was a quiet passion that was unknown to anyone who was not a close friend. Only when I joined Instagram and connected online, did I have the courage to share this pastime. Here are some of my favourite poems and thoughts that I have posted. Most have been written on the spot and created when I could not think of a caption.

All the time you spend focusing on someone else, is wasted energy that you can’t put back into yourself.

Hold my hand…I’m weak,
Let my fingers intertwine…I need my next fix,
Your grasp is like music to my hips,
Your walk is like a waltz,
A painting from an inspirer,
If you paint me now, this time will last forever.

This breeze is one that I will let my hair fly to,
Your taste is one that I will always drink to,
When I am away and the freeze of our lives begins to play,
I will reflect on how your smile widened, like how life allowed my mind to relive our moment,
How age has naturally occurred, but our together is as fresh as a new rose,
Please don’t stop noticing me now.

There is something unique, in listening before you speak,
In watching before you leap,
And in living before you sleep.

How many others have seen the same view,
Stood in the same place with the same face and wondered the thoughts that you think are new?
We are all unique, but we share the same place and battle the same race,
Life is a challenge, but our strength pulls us through.

You made my life, like the way Mickey made Walt Disney’s,
Although the magic to some, was fake and blurry,
When the credits rolled, I lit up with a child-like quality.

Still seeking the very essence of what makes me…me,
How much does my past define and how much do I let my past affect my present state of mind?
Am I continuing mistakes or am I remaking similar fates?
Am I a good friend with a clear sense of judgement?
Do I hold on to grudges purely for their own punishment?
Can I really set out to achieve what I seek?
Or will my inner cravings get the better of me? Will I allow myself to get weak?
As I play fortune teller and predict the outcome of my morality,
I hold my head high and pray for my own sanity.

I was walked on like footprints in the sand.
I reached out to connect and you never gave me your hand.

The pieces to the puzzle, do not always look clear,
The better future that we pray for, does not always look near,
We hear, all the negativity,
We almost want to fall and call the hate one victory,
But if we stay united within ourselves, and love every one of our own cells,
We can make the world of criticism,
As distant as a world where we decide to not dream and live in pure realism.

When you learn that your opinions are worthy enough to determine your own choices, the fear decreases in worrying about other people’s voices.

You realise you have had so much life, but you still have not lived,
If you gave up all your excuses, you would have a lot more to give,
Do not create pity parties and measly sorry’s; just do better because your world is outnumbered,
Nobody is promising you a long time, but you sure have to commit to a good time,
Let go of the anxiety, let go of the doubt,
Do not post a selfie and then wonder if they like the pout,
Do not expect it all to happen in placement,
Surprise yourself and let the surprisement catch you off your patience,
Your humble needs to happen and your love needs to be building,
Wave goodbye to those old ceilings, you are too good for a negative mind – no bad feelings.

Words are powerful, but unless you work, dreams will only ever be lived through the mind.

Hold my hand dear we’ll go far,
Like paint on the brush, my stroke will be besides yours,
My laugh will echo your smile,
My thoughts will extend, outreach the view you saw,
Like the rotation of trees, we’ll stick like dusk to dawn.

If you write poetry, where do you find your inspiration? Is there a poem or quote here that has resonated with you?

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21 thoughts on “Instagram poetry

  1. I found as an undergrad writer that writing and workshopping poetry is possibly the bravest thing I have ever done. I have fought for my life and I have been to the funerals of brother and best mate. I still feel that opening my soul to other creatives was more intimidating especially because they were good and were not supposed to bring anything irrelevant from outside to the workshop.

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    • I think poetry is generally very open and personal. It is almost like revealing your most hidden thoughts or inner feelings. To do that in front of people who also do the same, must be very intimidating. But I also like with creativity, that there is not necessarily a ‘better’ and everyone has their own opinions. Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. As Chuck Close once said: “Inspiration is for amateurs. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.”
    I totally believe that. I base my poetry on my own life and those around me, but I’ve always found that my best work comes when I least expect it. As long as I keep producing, I see results.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a very wise quote and I am really glad that you shared it! I completely agree as well, I think you learn from experience and without trying, there is only so much planning that you can do.
      I have never really thought about my best work before. I suppose because I have genuinely kept it to myself. I will have to read some of yours. πŸ™‚

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