How to get your own personal stylist for free

“Style Counsel is your personal stylist in your pocket, whenever and wherever you need her”.


Style Counsel app

 Do you ever look at an outfit and ask…does this look good?

I recently went to a wedding wearing black and felt that I needed a stylist to confirm to me that it was ok.

How common is the scenario of heading in to a changing room alone and being completely lost on whether you should purchase? The staff may be biased and your friends may have different wardrobe preferences. I cannot ask my bright coloured/pattern wearing friend, if she thinks my neutral outfit is too simplistic.

This is where the app Style Counsel saves the day!

For instant style support, download the app for free (it is exclusive to iphone), add your email address and create a password – that is it.

But how does it really work?

Once on Style Counsel, you can upload a selfie or outfit and ask a question. Anything from: Should I wear a necklace with this? Does this outfit work for this occasion? Would a black heel work better than a nude?

The fashion queries are endless.

After uploading, you will immediately (they are known for commenting back within 2 minutes) receive advice from a qualified stylist or huge fashion blogger – the app only works with the biggest names out there, and hey presto!

Those famous bloggers who would usually not have the time to communicate, will be giving personal style advice to you.

There is a voting system in place so people can swipe left or right. However, the community is incredible friendly and only a stylist or blogger qualified from the team is allowed to give advice. In honesty, when I was told about the voting, my reaction was WHAT!

I then began using  the app and quickly realised that it was not an issue. Nobody is swiping on your appearance and you will not be contacted like a Tinder date. The voting is specifically to the question that you ask. If that sounds daunting, check it out first and see for yourself. Style Counsel is only downloaded by the fashion conscious.

Style Counsel app

If you ever find yourself stuck on a train or not wanting to pretend that you are texting, open up Style Counsel and browse through.

The app does work globally and stylists are worldwide, which means an instant response applies to all.

Click the link here to download.

Disclaimer: I am a marketer for Style Counsel, but this post was my own initiative and the views are all my own.

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16 thoughts on “How to get your own personal stylist for free

    • The voting is basically to get people interacting on the app. So when you go on, you can see what someone has posted and what the stylist has advised, and then swipe yes or no as to whether you agree.
      I think when you go on and use it, it will make more sense! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is nice when you come across a good app! The team that work on it are really nice and the whole community in general, reminds me of blogging. The app is really well monitored. I hope you enjoy using it!! xx


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