The new Bourjois lipsticks: Rouge velvet review

The new range of Rouge Velvet lipsticks from Bourjois arrived at my door a few days ago. A range of 12 intense matte shades; they offer bold coverage with up to 24 hour colour. They also have a “high precision bullet” – lipstick shape for a better application.

range of lipstick colours


Two things I have to address. The first – how amazing is the packaging? I cannot stand when I have to open up a lipstick to figure out what colour is inside – me in the morning…not that one, no not that one…nope that is not a nude! The colours of these lids really match the shades inside.

Secondly, these bad boys are not going to open up and have a swatch party in my bag. The lids are quite tight – you have to really pull them open but it also means that the lipsticks are well protected.

close up of lips with lipstick


The shades are really beautiful and I believe they would suit all different skin-tones. I agree with the advertising; they are really intense and I felt that I did not need to go over my lipstick to build up coverage. I will mention for anyone reading that loves a good red – no.7 would suit a yellow based skin-tone whilst no.8 would suit a more pink. I absolutely adore the darker shades and my ultimate is no.12 which I am wearing in the photo.

girl wearing dark lipstick

Comfort ability

There is a fear with matte lipsticks that they will feel too dry on your skin. I am a complete gloss girl and personally, would put a hint of some over the top. However, for matte lovers out there, it is far less drying that what I have experienced. It was quite a number of hours before I noticed the feeling of – give me lip balm and overall, the creaminess of the product grants a really nice feel. I actually forgot that I was wearing lipstick.

different lipstick colours


Slightly hesitant about the bullet-shape; it did take a few minutes to work out how to apply easily and then I was like yes – bullet-shape!

One by one I tried each colour and I did not come across bleeding or any lipstick trying to say hello to my skin. Everything stayed put and it was super simple to apply around my corners and underneath my bottom lip – which is usually an issue. I swear I have a disappearing lip-line.

lipstick swatches on arms


Well, I ate a roll (sandwich) and I did not need to do corrections afterwards. I have not done the 24hr test, nevertheless I have been wearing it for some hours now and it has stayed exactly in place. It almost appears as if I have just applied.

Overall conclusion

As I have acknowledged, I am not the biggest fan of a matte texture. Out of all the one’s that I have come across though, these Rouge Velvet’s are fantastic. I have been super impressed with the colour range, the texture and the long-wear of the lipsticks.

The application will take a minute to adapt to and you have to be careful. I could not just swipe across, but at the same time I found it easy to put on. My only negative is an odd one; the lipsticks have a strange smell to them. Nothing shocking or whoa – I forgot about it after I applied.

Rating: 9/10.


Included in the box, was a miraculous contour and primer pencil. It helps to smooth your lips and prolong wear. I did use this prior and noticed my lips became less chapped in appearance. It is hard to say how much effect this has had. To me it is a handbag product and when changing or updating your lips after work, can be a savoir.

Lipstick: £8.99

Pencil contour and primer: £5.49 (

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are completely my own.

My referral link is here if you would like to join for free.

44 thoughts on “The new Bourjois lipsticks: Rouge velvet review

  1. Great review Laura! I’ve seen this around and I’m loving that nude-brown shade (far left in the first photo). Might have to pick one up for myself now 😀 x

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  2. I love lipsticks! I wish I could try them but I can’t easily get hold of bourjois! Your blog is really pretty, I’m happy Angela shade it. Btw, I want to follow you but somehow I can’t from my phone, I’ll do it tomorrow from my laptop! 😉 xx

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