FSJ Shoes

FSJ is an International company launched in 1998, with an aim to “help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality”.

I have fallen head over heels in love with their designs. I am admittedly not a ‘shoe person’ and my wardrobe is filled with the basics (classic nude pumps, black open-toes etc) but their style is exactly what I would look for.

There is something minimalistic yet edgy. They offer a range of vintage shoes – think retro t-straps, platforms, slingbacks, Mary Jane and retro ankle boots etc, right through to contemporary stiletto heels.

Stiletto heels:

Ok – so I did say that I like the basics. This is my perfect nude hue and front width – sometimes a shoe is ruined by being too big at the front. It has a 5 inch heel and padded insoles for comfort. On their website, there are 13 reviews for this pair – all of them are 5 star apart from one which gave a 4 star. Each person generally spoke about comfortability.

I surprised myself with how much I like these. The gold pop adds a new level of glam. I think for the party season coming up, my legs would look great with these heels dangling from the ends of them. They have a softly padded leather footbed and top line to comfort feet. The heel is 3 inches.

I saved my favourite for last. The first word that sprung to my mind was sexy. Simplistic and yet different. According to the description, the placement of the straps actually offer comfort and support. Again, padded insoles are included.

Check out more of their stiletto heels.

I never pictured myself wanting to buy vintage shoes, however FSJ has changed my mind.

Vintage shoes:

I am in need of a new pair of ankle boots. Looking at these has made me want to do my fall shopping. The 1.5 inch means I can wear them everywhere and with an array of outfits.

Not the most practical but the heel is only 3 inches and these do contain a padded insole. To summarise – chic and effortless. I am already dreaming of what I would team them with. If not for anything – just to make my wardrobe pretty. These are so feminine and girly. I kind of get a Sex in the City vibe from them. Once more, a padded insole is inside. In addition, they mention that there is a significant enough platform to give you the glam factor whilst still being comfortable. The heel is 5 inches.

Check out more of their vintage shoes.

Customisation on shoes can be included.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. All opinions are my own and the shoes selected are entirely my choice.

What shoes are your favourite? Do you prefer the stiletto heels or vintage shoes? 

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