My beauty categories. Click on the links to be directed.

Makeup Tips 

Makeup tips include guides on my makeup looks, alongside tips and tricks that I have learnt whilst working as a makeup artist.

 Beauty Talk  

Beauty talk will feature interviews with artists in the industry alongside beauty articles.



My experience in the world of beauty began by applying (smearing) my mother’s department store makeup across my face. Blue eyeshadow, orange cheeks and purple lips. When I finally thought I had the hang of it, I went to makeup school and realised I had absolutely no clue-I was like a baby that wants to explore with no real knowledge of where to go.

Years later, as a makeup artist who now also gets to be the artist for myself (I will eventually welcome another artist’s input when I model), this beauty section is years of passion and hard work, sharing the things I have learnt. I want to write articles that I would of loved and still love to read; I want to look at cosmetics and the world of beauty in a different light.

I hope at the very least, you can take something from it, and at the very most, you enjoy the posts.