My top 10 posts

Women wearing men’s clothes: a feminist act or a sexy trend?

Discussing this rising trend and it’s history, alongside the issues related to gender dressing.

Why do we not accept that all sexual assault is wrong?

Reliving my past experiences as I explore the sexual assault that goes unnoticed.

What else is there to say about Marilyn?

How well do we really know the Hollywood icon? An in-depth, researched article.

The lost value of a photo

Do we still value our photographs? Going back to film photography and comparing the changes that digital and social-media have brought to images.

I chopped away my hair…

The drastic, new mentality that can come from a haircut.

5 Fitness influencers: What motivates them

Taking 5 fitness influencers online and revealing their motivational secrets.

My fitness and health transformation

From starvation, calorie-counting and juicing; read how I made a health a lifestyle.

A life in Portugal with Tatianna 

Interviewing Tatianna – a health influencer, on her lifestyle.

10 Summer Beauty Tips

The best beauty advice you can receive for summer.

Countdown to summer: What people don’t tell you about fitness

A sarcastic piece, offering light humour to fitness individuals who may be able to relate.




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